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Good Shepherd Primary School and Nursery School, Derry

Yoga After School Club. New block starting Thursday 26th January 2023

20th Jan 2023

Dear Parents/Guardians,

I am delighted to inform you that our school will be running another 6 week Yoga after school club for boys and girls in Primary 4- Primary 7.  

This is a 6-week in school programme with yoga story and movement around the following topics: Resilience, Bravery, Happiness, Anger, Conquering Fears, and Gratefulness.  Our Yoga leader is Lorraine Lavery, find out more about Lorraine here:

The benefits of Yoga for children:

  • Increases flexibilitybalance and strength - children are naturally flexible, but somewhere around age 6 or 7, their flexibility begins to diminish. Practicing yoga maintains this flexibility. Like flexibility, balance is another skill that decreases as we age, but naturally improves when we practice yoga. Strength is also built as muscles are worked in new ways.

  • Enhances concentration and focus – young minds these days are often over stimulated with technology, and children can find it difficult to sit, focus and complete a task. Yoga helps kids be present and practice concentration, which enhances focus and awareness.

  • Boosts confidence – once a pose is mastered or flexibility or balance improves, children stand straighter, are more poised and more confident in their abilities, not just in the next class but throughout their daily activities.

  • Promotes health and stress management – yoga is a physical activity that releases happy endorphins. The poses improve digestion and the breathing exercises can help calm and centre children.

  • Sparks creativity and expression – classes are fun and engaging.  It helps children be free, creative and express themselves. Children are encouraged to use their imaginations, try new things and not take themselves too seriously.

The club will run each Thursday between 3-4pm in the assembly hall.  Children participating will need to being their own yoga mat.  The cost of the club is £18 which can be paid via parentpay or in cash at the school office.  Numbers will be limited for the club so please book in via the microsoft form below:


Dates of the club are as follows:

Thursday 26th January

Thursday 2nd February

Thursday 9th February

Thursday 23rd February

Thursday 2nd March

Thursday 9th March



Kind Regards,


Mrs S. McCafferty