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Good Shepherd Primary School and Nursery School, Derry

Around the Classes 5/10/22

5th Oct 2022

Featured is a short video highlighting some of our learning activities from today...

✔️The Engage Programme with Mr Doherty

✔️Play based learning in the Foundation Stage and in our Nursery

✔️Reading activities

✔️Acrostic poems 

✔️Developing early writing skills and fine motor development 

✔️Making friends

✔️IFA & Ryan McBride soccer tuition 

✔️Art and design

✔️Linguistic phonics 

✔️Exploring and investigating ‘less than’ using cuisenaire rods

✔️Rehearsals for Friday’s assembly 

✔️After school dance club 💃🏼🕺🏼

✔️Having fun!